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About New York, NY (ZIP Code 10119)

New York

Demographics Data and Detailed Statistics About 10119

The 10119 ZIP Code is primarily associated with New York, NY (New York County) in the U.S. The current population estimate is unknown.

Population in 10119

The most recent population estimate for ZIP Code 10119 is unknown.

New York, NY

The 10119 ZIP Code is associated with New York, NY in New York County.

Area Codes associated with 10119

Telephone area codes associated with ZIP Code 10119 include 212, 646, and 917.

Sunrise / Sunset in 10119

Sunrise: 6:12 am
Sunset: 7:37 pm
Sunrise in 10119 6:12 am
Sunrise in 10119 7:37 pm

Weather forecast for 10119

Tonight's forecast for 10119: Intermittent rain showers before 1am, then intermittent showers and thunderstorms. Cloudy. Low around 48, with temperatures rising to around 50 overnight. East wind 9 to 13 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New rainfall amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible.

Current air quality in 10119

Air quality: Poor Air quality scale in 10119 Poor

Chronic Health Issues in ZIP Code 10119

One of the leading chronic health issues in ZIP Code 10119 is high cholesterol, as an estimated 38.5% of adults aged 18 and older deal with this issue. Another chronic health issue of concern for residents of 10119 is high blood pressure, as approximately 36.9% of adults 18 and older in this New York County region contend with that issue.

Chronic Health Issues Breakdown

Bar chart displaying a breakdown of chronic health issues in ZIP Code 10119. This visualizes the percentage of adults aged 18 and above that have specific chronic health issues, e.g. high blood pressure, diabetes, or arthritis.

Health Issues in 10119

Health Issue Percent of adults*
Arthritis 23.1%
High blood pressure 36.9%
Cancer (excluding skin cancer) 6.3%
Current asthma 10.1%
Coronary heart disease 5.2%
Diagnosed diabetes 12.7%
High cholesterol 38.5%
Chronic kidney disease 3.3%
Stroke 3.3%
* aged 18 & above

Health Risk Behaviors & Prevention in 10119

One of the top preventative health measures in ZIP Code 10119 is current access to health insurance, as an estimated 95.5% of adults 18 and older take part in this preventive measure. Additionally, 93.0% of those 18 and above in 10119 list cholesterol screening, as a preventive measure. Common health risk behaviors in 10119 include sleeping less than 7 hours (36.0% of adults aged 18 and above) and obesity (26.1% of those 18 and older).

Preventative Health in 10119

Preventive Measure Percent of adults*
Current access to health insurance 95.5%
Taking medicine for high blood pressure control 80.0%
Visits to doctor for routine checkup 79.7%
Cholesterol screening 93.0%
Visits to dentist or dental clinic 69.6%
* aged 18 & above

Preventative Health Measures

Bar chart displaying preventative health data in ZIP Code 10119. This visualizes the percentage of adults aged 18 and above that engage in preventative health measures, e.g. sholesterol screenings and visits to doctors for routine checkups.

Health Risk Behaviors Details

Bar chart displaying health risk behaviors details in ZIP Code 10119. This visualizes the percentage of adults aged 18 and older that engage in health risk behaviors, e.g. smoking or binge drinking.

Health Risk Behaviors in 10119

Risk Behavior Percent of adults*
Binge drinking 18.0%
Current smoking 10.9%
No leisure-time physical activity 19.3%
Obesity 26.1%
Sleeping less than 7 hours 36.0%
* aged 18 & above