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About Kantner, PA (ZIP Code 15548)


Detailed Demographics Data and Other Stats About 15548

The 15548 ZIP Code is primarily associated with Kantner, PA (Somerset County) in the U.S. The current population estimate is unknown.

Population in 15548

The most recent population estimate for ZIP Code 15548 is unknown.

Kantner, PA

The 15548 ZIP Code is associated with Kantner, PA in Somerset County.

Area Codes associated with 15548

Telephone area codes associated with ZIP Code 15548 include No associated area codes were found for ZIP Code 15548.

Sunrise / Sunset in 15548

Sunrise: 7:14 am
Sunset: 6:55 pm
Sunrise in 15548 7:14 am
Sunrise in 15548 6:55 pm

Weather forecast for 15548

Forecast currently unavailable.

Current air quality in 15548

Air quality: Good Air quality scale in 15548 Good