Frequently Asked Questions About ZIP Code 23822

ZIP Code 23822 FAQs and quick facts


What region of the U.S. is ZIP Code 23822 associated with?

The 23822 ZIP Code is primarily associated with Ammon, VA in the United States.

What U.S. county is ZIP Code 23822 located in?

The 23822 ZIP Code is located in Dinwiddie County in the state of Virginia.

What type of ZIP Code is 23822?

The U.S. ZIP Code 23822 is a P.O. Box-only ZIP Code. P.O. Box-only ZIP Code are those used only for Post Office (P.O.) Boxes at a given USPS facility. Some ZIP Codes, e.g. 23822, are dedicated solely to delivery of mail to P.O. Boxes.

What are demographics for ZIP Code 23822?

A ZIP Code must be a standard U.S. ZIP Code to have demographics data available. Because ZIP Code 23822 is a P.O. Box-only ZIP Code, demographics data is not available.